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We had all read of the destruction fire was causing throughout Australia, and of the cancellations of New Years Eve fireworks displays around the country. We were lucky enough the fireworks display here in the Wet Tropics had been allowed to go ahead, thankfully they have had a lot of rain in Port Douglas and they had assessed it was a risk they were willing to take. We were also very grateful for the fact they held fireworks at 9 pm as well as midnight. We made our way to the waterfront with hundreds of other families with young children, we were greeted by a kid’s dance party by the beach. We chose a prime spot on the beach amongst the crowds of people setting up to get the best spot to watch the fireworks display and didn’t have to wait long. As soon as 9 pm came the sky lit up with hundreds of fireworks, a professional fireworks display is always impressive. The fireworks continued for around ten minutes and were complimented by a massive round of applause from the crowd. A great way to end 2019.

While many people would have been nursing a nasty headache on New Year’s morning, we were up bright and early with the next attraction to strike off our list just around the corner from where we were staying. We always love visiting zoo’s and will even go out of our way to visit even the smallest zoo. Wildlife Habitat is a great display of some of the many animals found in the area, from birds to kangaroos, from snakes to crocodiles, Wildlife Habitat has them all. The modern visitors centre and gift shop is the entry way into the attraction and the air con is a welcome relief. As soon as you walk through the door and into the building there is a beautiful Tawny Frogmouth perched in a tree. He is a bit shy but we manage to sneak a few pictures with this beautiful native bird. We always find ourselves attracted to the many amazing and beautiful bird Australia has to offer, they had Cassowaries, Cockatoos, Owls, Galahs and Lorikeets and they were all in interactive displays. The Cockatoos were all hand reared and super friendly, I had one perched on my shoulder, cuddling into my neck while I had my lunch. They had also had some success in breeding endangered Cranes and these impressive birds were also out on display in their walk through aviaries.

The Koalas did what Koalas do best and slept while the Cassowaries paced back and forth in their pens, still wild and trying to find an opportunity for freedom. The nocturnal animals display was a two storey building in the middle of the park filled with snakes, gliders, owls, scorpions and frogs. All their displays built to mimic their natural environments as well as possible. A large upgrade is currently being undertaken in the middle of the park, with artists concept drawings up for display this new addition to the park will only add to the attraction’s popularity. Envisioned with elevated boardwalks and flowing rivers it is sure to provide another great habitat in this already impressive display. The Savannah display features Kangaroos, Wallabies and Emus, we bought some Roo food and the kids were in awe of some of the large Roo’s coming up to be hand fed. Last but not least was the Crocodile display in the wetlands, they had some great informative displays up and a few scary facts only adding to the crocodile’s reputation. They also expanded on the crocodile’s important role in the Eco system and how they were almost hunted to extinction. #WildlifeHabitat

We were very impressed by the wildlife displays, definitely a better way to spend New Years Day than with a hangover and screaming kids. We headed back into the main street of town and back down to the park where the fireworks had been held. We had seen there were some walks around the headland that looked reasonably challenging and had a few historical markers for the town. The fireworks were launched from a massive park that sits at the inlet to the harbour, we followed the heritage trail around the perimeter of the park, reading about the history of the town and its role in developing the area then headed towards the walking tracks around the headland. The track wound around the base of the headland and up to a lookout facing south down the coastline and over the town. The ascent was half stairs and half track but easy enough for the kids to manage, we watched from one of the lookouts as some of the reef tour operators headed back towards town. We had a short rest at the top of the lookout and headed back via the road past some of the more expensive houses in town. The descent lead us past a historical lighthouse which overlooked the harbour entrance and out towards the Low Isles just off the coast. Our last full day in Port Douglas was tomorrow and we had decided to finish our trip with a visit to the Daintree and Cape Tribulation, a short drive north and ferry ride over the Daintree River. #Portdouglas #Aspiringadventurers #ShayneandNatasha

- Aspiring Adventurers

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