Our latest Northern Queensland adventure started in Townsville. We were lucky enough to have three full days in sunny Townsville and there were a couple of must do things we had to tick off while we were there.

#1 Castle Hill

If you planning a visit to Townsvillle this has to be on your to do list. The giant hill is visible from anywhere in the city and its easy to see how it got its name. Imagine a town in Europe with the Castle on the highest point overlooking everything, that's the best description possible for this amazing centre piece of Townsville. Our first morning in town we left just after sunrise to tackle one of the many walking tracks up Castle Hill, these tracks are packed all day everyday as this is the top choice for anyone looking for a bit of fitness in town. Its reasonably challenging but nothing you couldn't do with the kids. We were treated to the early morning calls of Cockatoos on our ascent and the amazing views over Townsville's inland mountain range's, city centre, massive ocean views and the beautiful Magnetic Island just off the coast. On arrival at the summit we were also lucky enough to see a wild Echidna foraging for his breakfast. You also cant forget the well known angel of Townsville, a massive 50 foot tall angel graffitied onto the Eastern side of Castle Rock, its one of the symbols of townsville and many of its residents are proud of this symbol which has been present there for years and is easily seen from anywhere in the city. On our decent we had to dodge a few cyclists clocking up some km's, one was on his fourth ascent as we were getting near the bottom. Early morning exercise done, perfect way to start our Townsville adventure. #Castlehill


The Strand

Townsville is lucky enough to have one the most beautiful waterfront esplanades anywhere in Australia and they really have put a lot of thought into its set out and attractions. We spent half a day walking the length of the Strand and taking in some of the sights. One of the most obvious standout highlights are the resident Black and Red Cockatoo's, they spend their days year round perched up and flying around the trees the entire length of the Strand, the tourists, including ourselves, were all lined up in front of the trees taking plenty of snaps of these beautiful birds. When your in a tropical climate you can never go wrong with a water park, at the southern end of the strand is one the kids will love. Next door the soon to be opened fully redeveloped waterfront pools are another top choice. The Strand has it all from shops to parks, playgrounds, great views and friendly locals.

Some of the other top sights in Townsville worth mentioning are the Massive army base, the biggest in Australia. It feels like it goes on forever as you drive along the Bruce highway and even though you cant stop for a visit, just passing by is enough to leave an impression. The newly built and soon to be opened North Queensland Cowboys Stadium, with a capacity of 80,000 people literally almost half of Townsville's population could fit in the stands to watch their local Rugby League Team. The Aquarium is at the eastern end of the main street in the CBD and being so close to the Great Barrier Reef is full of some of the most beautiful reef fish, sharks and turtles you will ever see. Magnetic Island is a short ferry ride from the CBD and is great for a day trip, find an isolated beach to read a book, enjoy some of the tropical walking tracks or stay at one of the many resorts.

If you are planning a trip to Townsville these are a couple of our top picks. Next stop, The Wet Tropics. #Townsvilleshines #aspiringadventurers #shayneandnatashasmith

- Aspiring Adventurers

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