We have partnered with Juice Plus, the world renowned Nutritional Support company. Their nutrient enriched products help to keep your body balanced when life gets too busy. 

For over four years, Juice Plus has been in our corner. If we are travelling for work, for sport or with the family, they are one of the first things that we pack.

When Juice Plus came into our lives it was a true and honest game changer. It was a turning point in our mental health, physical health and our energy levels and has helped to support our growth into the people we are today.


We believe that taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. Modere offer a plant based alternative to traditional chemical based skincare and beauty products.

Our journey with Modere started after years of using chemicals to try and deal with facial pigmentation bought on by pregnancy. After years of searching for an alternative, I have finally found a range of products that align with my beliefs and the results truly speak for themselves.

Are you interested in starting your own lifestyle friendly
health and wellness business? We can help you get started!